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An ideal performance for any audience

A good story has universal appeal. Power of Play products and performances appeal to the child in all of us; they are geared to delight and entertain audiences of all ages and inspire people to learn and communicate frankly by breaking through barriers of age, gender, socio-economic, political and cultural backgrounds.


Wholesome entertainment for the entire family

Puppets are inherently funny, first-rate storytellers who are the perfect medium to inspire wholesome entertainment at family gatherings. Our Puppets and interactive performances bring beloved stories to life to engage and entertain children and adults alike. Power of Play offers a range of performances and products specially designed to appeal to the family audience. Read More

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Education through entertainment

Learning through play - puppets inspire children and youth. The tales and fables brought to life through puppetry and theatre can be used to elicit a higher level of analytical and communication skills, such as encourage creative reflections, innovative problem solving and interactive conversations to nurture healthy social and emotional growth. Puppets and enacted stories help develop listening skills, self-expression and team work. They are the perfect tool for fostering inclusive, progressive and safe environments where teaching and learning can happen joyfully. Read More

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Learning through play for the corporate world

Our experiential approach to adult learners facilitates skills development in a manner that is practical, relevant and goal-oriented with foundations of mutual respect and understanding to foster personal and professional growth. Our corporate training workshops focus on imparting the soft skills required in the workplace, but are unique in requiring participants to interact with puppets and use the performing arts to achieve training outcomes. Read More

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Development Organizations

Strengthening communities through performing arts

Our work with community development organizations and corporate CSR initiatives focuses on using performing arts and puppetry to raise awareness and encourage honest dialogue on socially critical issues that impede individual and communal development.Read More

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Outdoor Events

Giant puppets

We have a way of creating a gargantuan spectacle, buttressed with ceremony and peppered with myths. Our giant puppets, made to a truly impressive scale, are the highlight of any outdoor event and can be customized to suit your requirement. Read More

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